Car Transport Guidelines

Before you start searching for a automobile haul business to ship your automobile, it's a good idea to create a checklist of things you must do before you give your automobile out for transportation. Tips on how to prepare your vehicle:

-Have a copy of keys to hand to your driver who will be handling the shipping of your vehicle.

-Closed trailer is highly recommended assuming you have a collectible or specialized vehicle so make sure you pick enclosed in such a case

-Cleaned out your vehicle 100 % of personal effects

-Be sured to record any damages your vehicle already has and let the car moving organization know about these flaws on your automobile

-Be sure you have left one 1 / 4 of tank worth of gas in your vehicle

-Changed all other necessary fluids and oils

-If your vehicle is being transported to a cold climate, make certain to add anti-freeze

-If your automobile has any kind of special taking on or customized security, be sure you let the car moving company know about it to make the operation of taking on your vehicle easy for them

Charge up your vehicle's battery

-Turned off your car's anti-theft system

-Your vehicle's antenna should either be taken off or retracted

-If your automobile has any exterior items that you have integrated they must be removed (if at all possible)

-Examine your vehicle's windows and other glass components to always make sure that they aren't any cracks

-In certain cases, automobile haul companies may have their own set of guidelines for preparing your automobile to be transferred, give them a call and figure out what they need you to do

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